Doctor Who Takes NYC Part 2- Series 6 Episodes 1 & 2 Spoiler Free Review

I’ve just returned home from the NYC screening for Doctor Who series 6’s first two episodes, The Impossible Astronaut and Day Of The Moon presented by BBC America and my head is still buzzing with excitement! I also haven’t eaten a full meal in about 20 hours so the buzzing might be a little bit of that as well. Writer Steven Moffat made us promise we would keep our reviews spoiler free…*River Song* voice “spoilers” so don’t worry. I planned on doing that anyway and trust me, you’ll thank me later. What happens in the first two episodes of series 6 you want to find out the old-fashioned way, with all of the shock and awe preserved.

I’ll start off by saying what an outrageously incredible few days it has been for me. After two major events it feels even more amazing than normal to be a Doctor Who fan right now. I’ve never done one of those, “waiting long hours in line for something geeky” events before, but for Who it was a pleasure and I’d gladly do it all over again. Especially when so many awesome and enthusiastic fans surround me!


Pure insanity in the best way possible is how I’d describe the #DWlineCon. I was constantly reading the Twitter hashtag #DWlineCon that The Happiness Patrol cleverly created for the event. I saw that people lined up as early as 6pm or 7pm Sunday evening, the screening started at 7pm Monday night. So people have literally been sleeping and being on the streets for almost 24 hours. Whovians don’t play games when it comes to their doctor! I heard about people coming all the way from Canada, New Mexico and even California for the screening. I don’t know how many fandom’s would get more dedication and devotion than that. The main cast, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, came and handed out donuts to the people in the line that morning which was such a nice way of showing how much the cast appreciated their fans.

Andy the Adipose

The line reached the 300’s at around 6am and by 4pm it was double that. As 7pm approached BBC America announced they would be opening a fourth theater, now having the capacity to let in around 700 (and still had to turn people away). The first theater held around 350, which was the theater that would get the cast and Q&A live, the others would get the simulcast. They even created a screening directly after the main screenings at 7pm because there was still so many people in line. I just really want to thank BBC America for going out of their way to cater to all of these fans. And shout out to the BBC America camera men from Friday’s signing and the screening on Monday, they were so much fun!

SPOILER FREE Review of Doctor Who Series 6 episodes The Impossible Astronaut and Day Of The Moon

This is the first time since 2005 that we’ve had a multi-episode series opener and Moffat doesn’t hold anything back! The major difference from the previous series openers is it you from the beginning with a massive story arc and doesn’t let you go. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than half of the episodes are cliffhangers with some jaw-droppers thrown in for good measure. You don’t have to worry about waiting halfway through the season for your head to start spinning with all sorts of questions and theories, you’ll get that the very first episode.

It’s absolutely necessary to commend the cast on some stellar performances, particularly the supporting cast. These two episodes display some truly outstanding character development from the supporting cast, my favorites being River and Rory. We see some revealing sides to these characters that add some real depth to them and make the audience want more. I’m also definitely enjoying the newcomer Canton Everett Delaware III which is played by Mark Sheppard (Supernatural).

These by far have been the scariest and creepiest Doctor Who episodes I’ve seen yet.  I was literally at the edge of my seat; terrified at the new monsters Moffat has created. The creepy factor is turned up 100% and I sat there wondering how the children would handle these episodes since I was jumping at certain scenes. But don’t get your fezzes in bunch worry Who is still Who and is packed the many laugh out loud moments, and there were plenty of them. Most of them due to Matt Smith’s continued eccentric and brilliant performance as the eleventh doctor

Seeing the trailer for the rest of the season, it’s safe to say that DW seems to be shifting into a more adult show. And this isn’t just because of River’s cheeky jokes that only adults would get. I welcome and enjoy the change and seriously doubt Who will ever get to a point where children can’t enjoy it, but the shift it is noticeable.

The Q&A:

The Q&A was hosted by Chris Hardwick aka The Nerdist host of Web Soup and will be available as a podcast, so I won’t go too much in-depth with this. However, I do have some favorite moments I want to highlight. The panel included Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill Alex Kingston, Steven Moffat as well as the producers.

  • I seriously considered asking Matt Smith if he wanted to marry me, but I didn’t want to waste a question since I already knew the answer. (Yes of course!)
  • They cast said they loved watching the episodes with us Americans because we are more enthusiastic. They said British fans clap politely, while we cheer and laugh loudly. We loved hearing that of course. Who-S-A! Who-S-A!
  • When asked about the parallels between Sherlock and DW ,Moffat responded with this great quote, “Sherlock Holmes is a human being who aspires to be a god, and the Doctor is a god who aspires to be a human being.”
  • Someone asked Moffat if Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) could/would play The Master. The audience cheered at the possibility and Moffat said, “Isn’t my life confusing enough?!…Too many cheekbones! All four cheekbones on one screen?!”
  • Audience member asked Matt Smith, “I see you’re wearing a tie? Which is cooler a tie or a bow tie?” Matt responded, “Oh bow ties are way cooler!”
  • Fan asked if Moffat feels bad about the intense cliffhanger in The Impossible Astronaut he tells us we haven’t seen anything yet, “Wait until you see episode 6!… It’s going to be a long summer!” Matt jumps in and says, “You jaw will literally be on the floor.”
  • A fan and Hardwick brought up and praised DW for constantly including homosexual characters and interracial couples and in the series. Moffat said he wasn’t trying to intentionally make a socio-political statement, more that themes like those seemed right and fit perfect in DW.
  • A fan asked if you could pick another show to combine with DW, for example The Doctor has the fight Godzilla, what would you pick? Moffat said he’d love for The Doctor to meet Spock. (There was a Star Trek reference in The Impossible Astronaut as well.)

These first two episodes was like I was watching a movie which only leads me to believe the newest series will have a major re-watching factor. Not only because of excellent episodes, but because there is undoubtedly going to be so much detail jam-packed that you’ll feel like you need to rewatch them to help work out your theories for the massive story arc. The Internet will break over all of the possible theories that are going to be flooding the forums, blogs and messages boards. But I’m sure the sonic can fix that with no problem. Each series has the goal of being the best one yet, and I have to say series 6 is getting off to a brilliant start.

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  1. I really loved reading about this and seeing the pictures! It looks so amazing. I haven’t made it to the new doctor yet, but I’m a few episodes away and looking forward to it.


  2. Hey, I’m in the picture of everyone holding signs! I have the one that says ‘Stetson are cool’

    You got some amazing pics of the cast before they went in to the theatre. I couldn’t see anything even though I was just around the corner.

    And I totally agree with your review. I told my friends I would give them spoilers before I went but now I just can’t. I want them to be properly shocked like I was!


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