Fables and Reflections- Musings on my Jamaican Vacation

Greetings Geeks, Gamers, Otakus and Fanboys and Fangirls!

I’ve returned from my Jamaican vacation which seemed like both an eternity and not long enough. When I’m on vacation I try my best to keep my strict no-internet policy. Which may account for my twitter binge once my plane landed in JFK Sunday night. I had an amazing time and although I won’t do another detailed travel blog like I did for my Italian vacation during winter break. However, I will comment on a few geek related occurrences.

For the record The Walking Dead, despite how amazing it is, isn’t the best beach read in my opinion. I was catching up on issues #81 and #82 and they left me extremely depressed and I sat sulking in sun on the misfortunes that befell some characters that I’m probably way too attached to (the fiction aspect always seems to slips my mind). I tend to forget that people in zombie stories may actually get eaten by zombies *gasp*… The Walking Dead really stresses me out! (Side note with slight spoiler: The speech Morgan gives to Carl at the end of #82 is so damn good! Bravo Robert Kirkman! Truly moving, I reread it several times.)

After I crawled out of my TWD provoked depression I read vol. 5 of Sandman A Game of You and began vol. 6 Fables and Reflections, which I decided to title of this post and is chock full of some amazing quotes. I see more and more why so many people get Sandman tattoos.

Whenever I read comics in particular I tend to talk out loud in reaction to what’s going on in the story. Being that I was the only one out of my eight girl friends who reads comics and brought them along for the trip, jokes were made. They weren’t meant to be hurtful, but they bothered me. It reminded me how many people don’t take comics seriously at all. Sometimes you get so immersed in your subculture that you forget how others on the outside view it.

I started to explain the countless awards and acclaim Sandman and Neil Gaiman have received and what a brilliant piece of literature it is and that many comics have some real intellect in them and shouldn’t be viewed as the novel’s ugly step-sister but rather as its twin. My attempts to enlighten them on a part of my world, my subculture, only added fuel to the jokes.

These instances were also a reminder of how much I enjoy blogging about the things I love. Things that many people don’t take seriously or see the value in them. I appreciate each and every one of my followers on my blog, twitter and Facebook page and the feedback and comments I receive from you. I know that even though I can’t talk to a majority of my friends about my geeky obsessions, I can gush about them with you… I really didn’t mean for this to get mushy I swear! Stream of consciousness kind of took over.

I don’t want to make it seem that my friends as bullies off of this one occurrence. Despite their lack of knowledge in the geek realm they support my blog and like and appreciate that I’m a bit different from them in that sense. All in all I had an amazing vacation in Negril, Jamaica and no amount jokes will keep me from bringing along my comics, DS and PSP with me on vacations.


  1. The best is when your friends are all staring at you as you throw a nerdy joke tangent into a conversation and you know no one but you understands it…


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