Girl Gone Geek Goes to Jamaica!

“I’m dressed for Rio!”

Well not Rio but you get the point Whovians. I just hope the Silurians don’t try to suck me into the Earth and dissect me while I’m laying on the beach … But I guess they were here first. Many of you noticed on twitter that I’m currently on a huge Doctor Who binge and I’m almost caught up with the newest season and I tweet about it. A lot.

Before I start gushing about Who this post is to let everyone know I’m going on vacation! I leave tomorrow for Jamaica and I’ll be back the 27th. So if you’re wondering why this blog and the Facebook page aren’t being updated and why I’m not tweeting it’s because I’m on the beach sipping on a cocktail! I think I deserve a little break from being a full-time grad student (graduating in May!), interning and working, don’t you agree?

Also, I am currently at 292 blog posts and 482 Facebook likes which I’m extremely excited about! When I reach 300 blog posts and 500 Facebook likes (which hopefully is around the same time) I’m going to celebrate with a giveaway contest!

I’m teaming up with the very talented graphic designer and illustrator Ian Leino and the lucky winner will get to choose any one item from his online shop which includes great stuff from Doctor Who, Firefly, Lost, Star Wars and other awesome geekery. Check out his shop here. Me and my brother got his Who’s Who T-shirt when it was on TeeFury. (The Dalek Beach Party image is a shirt get yours here by contacting GoGoGoth.)

Have a great Spring Break those of you who have one and I’ll see you (figuratively) when I get back!

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