Tattoo Tuesday- AKIRA


Sorry, it’s a reflex. I couldn’t help myself. AKIRA is one of my favorite anime films of all time, and one of my favorite films in general. The manga series was written and drawn by Katsuhiro Otomo. Otomo also directed the landmark film which changed anime films from that moment on.

I remember when I first saw AKIRA, I was young and although I didn’t “get it” I still instantly fell in love with it and all its intensity. Now that I’m older whenever I rewatch AKIRA I find that I still don’t fully “get it”, but I think that’s why I, and so many people, love AKIRA so much. This manga and anime film is bursting with complexity the conversation about it will never end!

Before I get carried away let’s move on to what you came here to see, Akira tattoos!

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future or previous Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

[Source: Kaneda’s Profile and Flickr]

“I cut it out of the second page of the graphic novel, and the tattoo artist blew it up by probably 30%” [Source:]

“Here is a pic of my Akira rib piece in progress. Four sessions down, hopefully one to go!” [Source: Travis Fights Giants Blog]

Maurilio Duarte Nunes Augusto says this about his tattoo: “There is nothing like mark your own body with something that means A LOT to you, and makes you remember for all your life why you’d become who you are. AKIRA was the manga which opened my eyes to my passion and made want do draw more than ever. So, I asked to , my former but eternal student, to mark definitely my body with this design, made by myself. Crazy? I’ve seen worst tattoos before, and it makes complete sense TO ME. I’ll never regret it, it’s part of my life, of my soul and now, it’s part of my body as well. The memory of AKIRA will live in our hearts forever.” [Source:]

Tattoo Artist- Josiah’s (in-progress) [Source: Dripe Deviant Art]

(three tattoos above)”The owner of the tattoos explained that he had brought a graphic novel to Stéphane, telling him it was one of his favorite books growing up. They extracted different panels to make a cohesive combination of segments that make up the whole of the sleeve.” Tattoo Artist: Stéphane Bérubé and he is an artist out of a shop called Tatouages Libre Expression, in Saint-Eustache, a northern suburb of Montreal, Quebec. [Source: Tattoos Day Blogspot]


Tetsuo’s Arm [Source: moogle29]

Tattoo Artist: Morgan from Seven Crowns Tattoo in midtown Toronto, ON. [Source: thesearemyscars deviant art]

Zach Hazard Vaupen’s tattoo. Artist- Tamara (he also draws comics with knives, check out his Flickr stream) [Source: Zach’s Blog Tamara’s Blog]

The five photos above are 15 years in the making and took 7 sessions. Tattooed by Todo at A.B.T. Tattoo. [Source: Joe the Peacock Blog]

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