Picture of the Week- Harry Stardust (Potter and Bowie Mashup)

This weeks PotW is just bursting with all kinds of greatness! Everyone’s favorite boy wizard (or at least mine) Harry Potter and David Bowie’s alien rocker persona Ziggy Stardust combine their lighting bolts in this stellar art. The art is inspired from David Bowie’s iconic album Aladdin Sane (see picture below).

“Harry Stardust” was created by Evan Ferstenfeld & Enkel Dika. Here’s what Made with Awesome had to say about this design:

“Combining everyone’s favorite lightning-faced sorcerer and the iconic musician who launched a million spiders from Mars, this poster for the more sophisticated fan can magically transform any wall for the better, from the most spacious floating-candle dining hall to the tiniest cupboard room underneath your stairs.”

Buy this design on a shirt for $25 or a poster for $11 at Made with Awesome.

Check out Enkel Dika’s Flickr and on Buzzfeed and Evan Ferstenfeld’s Threadless profile and interview.

aladdin sane david bowie

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