Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images & Videos (3/5)


http://goodnightdune.com (read this now!)


The Charlie Sheen Comics Page via Culture Popped

New Geek Site for Women made by Geekosystem The Mary Sue

The 12 Ugliest/Stupidest/Crappiest New Pokémon via Topless Robot

Dorkly’s The Weekly IRL 7 More Pictures of Cosplay Win

Red Skull Images come out for Captain America via Topless Robot


Zelda Cosplay via geekleetist.tumblr.com

Endless Last Supper made by Tom Fowler

Oscar Posters, Reinterpreted via Culture Popped (click link for more posters)

Un-sexy Star Wars Pinups via Fashionably Geek (click link for more posters)

Aliens go to a ball game via lookatthisfrakkinggeekster


Cartoon Network Trailer For New Thundercats via Otakus and Geeks

The Official Song of Bummed-Out Stormtroopers Everywhere via Topless Robots

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