Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/19)


Beauty, Brains and Badassery: The Sexiest Geek Girls Alive via Geeks are Sexy

Guinness World Records and The Little Big Planet via Destructoid

OtakusandGeek.com Top 5 Favorite Batman (the animated series) Episodes

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee via Popular Mechanics

Facebook Adds Civil Union, Domestic Partnership Relationship Statuses via Geekosystem


11 Dating Tips From Videogame Characters [via Dorkly]

Baby Star Wars [via Fashionably Geek]

Dalek and TARDIS cosplay via xnoiseandkisses Tumblr

AT-MOM made by Oscar Blanco (Otas32 on Deviant Art)

Samus Aran Cosplayer via Geeks are Sexy

Cthulhuccino via Geeks are Sexy

Beowulf Socks via Sanguine Gryphon

Hello Kitty Donuts via Cherry Button

Fantasy World Map via Dan Meth


Dead Island Trailer

Mario Kart in Real Life

Pixar’s Builds a Zeotrope

The Today Show in 1994 “Can You Explain What Internet Is?”

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