Picture of the Week- Stunning Sandman Art

Javier Gonzalez Pacheco is a Spanish artist living in Barcelona and I love his dreamlike unique style! Below are a beautiful collection of Sandman art and two Batman/Joker pieces. A lot of these Sandman pieces I feel fit right into the cover designs of the Neil Gaiman Sandman series, especially the second Corinthian I posted.

Because I had such a difficult time deciding on which image to use for the Picture of the Week, I’m going to feature Delirium for half the week and Death for the other half.

Javier G. Pacheco DeviantArt

Check out Sandman Tattoos here


Death from Sandman

Death from Sandman

The Corinthian from Sandman

The Corinthian from Sandman

Delirium from Sandman

Delirium from Sandman

Delirium from Sandman

Delirium from Sandman


The Joker and Batman

[Source Geek-Art.net Javier G. Pacheco DeviantArt]



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