Zombie Stationery

I would revert back to the old-fashioned ways of *gasp* hand writing letters if they could be done on this too-cool-for-words zombie stationery. Not only are they gory but designed exceptionally well. I went through to mild bought of depression when I realized these weren’t for sale.

They were created by Behance Network for the German crime and horror cable channel 13th Street which is now their official stationery.

Credit and Awards for this unbelievably awesome undead design:

Client: NBC UNIVERSAL Global Networks Deutschland GmbH
Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Michael Ohanian
Art Directors: Matthias Kracker, Stefan R?singer
Copywriters: Lennart Frank
Graphic Artist: Karla Kurz
Account Manager: Kerstin Stutzmann, Ruben Ockenfels
Post Production: Recom
Production: Frank Schweizer
Published: 2008 

New York Festivals – Silver
ADC Germany – Bronze
ADC Europe – Finalist
D&AD – In Book

[Source: Geekosystem and Behance]


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