Snow Gone Geek

I wish I had enough time and energy to dedicate to make something remotely this awesome. But until then I can just look at these.

Snow Dalek (via Bad Astronomy Flickr)

Snow Dalek 2 (Comic Alliance)

Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture (via  You Bent My Wookie)

LEGO Brick Snowman (via Northern Andrew Flickr)

LEGO Snowman (via Comics Alliance)

Anime Snowmen

Totoro Snowman (via Monster Munch)

Totoro and Umbrella (via Japanator)

Video Game Character Snowmen

Space Invader Snowman (via Kotaku)

Master Chief Snowman (via Gamebump)

Mario Snowman (via Comic Alliance)

Snow Chomp (via Reddit)

Sonic Snowman (via Comics Alliance)

Star Wars Snowmen

Yoda Snowman (via Craziest Gadgets)

Jabba the Snowman (via College Humor)

R2D2 (via Comic Alliance)

Comic Book Character Snowmen

Bat(snow)man (via Comic Alliance)

Spider(snow)man (via Comics Alliance)

Iron (Snow)Man (via You Bent My Wookie)

The making of Super(snow)man


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