Bansky’s Intro on The Simpson

The clip below is the couch gag that street artist Banksy storyboarded for The Simpsons.  This aired Sunday night (10/10/10) and it’s brilliant, dark, depressing and true.  I’m a huge Banksy fan and I’m thrilled he brought this to light, maybe it will stir something up in people’s brains and hearts.  Sweatshops are a real problem in Asia and other parts of the world and companies you associate with happiness, like Disney, are the biggest sweatshop corrupters.  I did a paper in High School about it, hopefully I can dig it up somehow and do an article on it.  I’m shocked, but very glad, Fox approved it.

If you don’t know who Banksy is check out the Wiki and his website

The videos on youtube keep getting taken down, if this newest youtube doesn’t work you can watch it at Gizmodo.


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