Sunday Funnies (10/10)

This weekend was New York Comic Con and Anime Fest (which I attended all weekend and was absolutely amazing), which is why this Sunday Funny is being posted Sunday evening and not Sunday morning.

This comic comes from Dueling Analogswhich I’ve used before, and I literally laughed out loud and I hope you do too!  I can hear it now, “Back in my days…”


  1. So right. Yeah, I’d almost forgotten what those days were like, where you couldn’t save. You had to actually get GOOD at something in order to win, whereas nowadays it never even crosses my mind that I might not be able to win a game I set out to play. Though in the old days of not being able to save, you could expect games to be beatable in under–what?–three hours, maybe? And now you can spend 50 hours on a playthrough. How times have changed.


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