Disney’s Upcoming ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’

Disney just released the trailer for their upcoming animated feature Gnomeo & Juliet which looks as cute as it sounds!  It’s based off of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, except with indoor and outdoor warring gnomes who come “alive” when humans are away.  It will be directed by Kelly Asbury (Shrek 2) and original songs by Elton John and will feature the voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they won’t end with the double suicide.

According to IMBd its release date is February 11, 2011.

I laughed quite a few times watching this trailer!

[Source Deadline]

One Comment

  1. OMG that is absolutely too cute! Plus, I love Shakespeare, and garden gnomes. I don’t love Elton John in Disney productions, but usually someone can make his songs work effectively, or at least, it worked in the Lion King, in Aida, ehh.


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