Geek Backpacks

So today I start my last year of grad school *insert applause*.  I stumbled across the Darth Vader backpack while wandering through the land of Interwebs and decided to find some more.  And although I don’t wear backpacks anymore you might!  I hope all of you back-to-schoolers have a great year!

***Click on the images for their links***

Darth Vader Backpack 

This Yoda totally creeps me out 

“C-3PO Bespin Backpack and your friends will think you’ve just rescued an over-talkative droid from the smelter on Cloud City. C-3PO features light-up flickering eyes and has a zippered storage pocket in his torso.” 

Chewbacca Backpack 

R2D2 BackPack 

Boba Fett Back Pack 

Portal Backpack 

Koopa Shell Backpack 


    1. LOL @ Bibi!
      I actually saw some guy with what I thought was a sonic bag, but it was actually a large golden sonic with his head sticking out of the bag!!! DONE AND DONE!


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