H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

I’ve been in a Lovecraftian mood recently and stumbled upon of the best podcasts I’ve ever laid ears on.  It’s the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast. It is nowhere near new but I had to share this discovery with you all.  Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer are the hosts and they do an outstanding job.

Even though many Lovecrafts stories are short, they are also dense and this helps readers untangle their way and better understand and hopefully appreciate Lovecraft.  Each week they go over one or two of his stories and to be honest you don’t even need to reread or even read the stories prior to the podcast.  They give an in-depth summary and discuss the background of the story, history and things of that nature.  But what makes me love this podcast so much is it’s actually funny.  They made me literally LOL.

Something else I like is that if they don’t like a story, they say it and they say why.  They love Lovecraft but also say whether they think a story is good or bad, they don’t blindly believe everything is gold.  They also address Lovecrafts overt racism in his stories.  You can download them (free of course) on iTunes or visit their website HPpodcast.com and listen and download them there.  They are on currently Episode 52 but I’ve started from the beginning and I’m on Episode 13.

Also check our their Facebook page.


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