Red Riding Hood Movie

Amanda Seyfried has started filming the upcoming Red Riding Hood movie which is set to be released March 11, 2011. It will be directed by Catherine Hardwick who directed Twilight and Thirteen.  It will be about none other than werewolves and teenage romance… no surprise there.  But there is some hope that it will have some twisted and gothic elements since the Orphan screenwriter David Leslie Johnson wrote the script.

“The Girl With the Red Riding Hood [now titled Red Riding Hood]” was first announced in August. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company picked up the rights, and a few weeks later came word that Hardwicke had signed on to direct. She described the plot as a “super sexy” take on the classic fairy tale that deals with a “village plagued by this wolf.” [via MTV]

Below are the first pictures of Seyfried on set of the movie via Geek Tyrant.  Not sure what those horns are about and the outfit looks very Alice-in-Wonderlandish but we shall see.


  1. Hate to be the Debbie Downer but I can’t take her seriously as an actress. Wasn’t she in “Mean Girls” as a bimbo? Then she stars alongside Megan Fox in that ridiculous film, “Jennifer’s Body.” I gave her one last chance this past weekend with “Dear John.” That movie is TERRIBLE.

    I like the concept of the film but I would have been more interested in it if they had a different leading lady.


    1. i never saw dear john or Jennifer’s body lol but for some reason i like her. but i don’t like twilight but the director also did thirteen which is very different kind of movie… ehh we’ll see when a preview comes out.

      seems like it could be a bit of “An American Werewolf in London” kinda movie where she falls in love unknowning/knowingly with a were and ends up having to kill him or something. I’m just guessing that’s how it will end lol


  2. You got me all hyped up with that header image. I was expecting it to be something totally badassical and amazing.
    And Jennifer’s Body was *awful.*


    1. sorry to trick you. i had to make up the her and those weird horns she’s wearing. maybe her werewolf boyfriend made it for her after he devoured that poor woodland creature… how sweet! He’s a keeper!


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