Dexter Season 5 Trailer

I’ve been a huge fan of Dexter since Season 1 (on Showtime).  You know a show is good when the audience is always on Dexter’s side even though he is a serial killer.   If you don’t watch it I definitely recommend it! Michael C. Hall won a Golden Globe this year for Dexter and so did John Lithgow for his role of psychotic brilliance on Season 4.  I’m also glad to hear Michael C. Hall has fully recovered from cancer.

This trailer for the upcoming season, which they showed at Comic-Con, had me at the edge of my seat!  SPOILER ALERT! I was completely devastated when the Trinity Killer murdered Dexter’s wife Rita at the end of last season.  It seems like the drama will be non-stop for next season, which is scheduled to premiere sometime in September.


  1. What an exciting new season. The anticipation has me at the edge of my seat. You are so right when a show that has a serial killer like Deter and the fans cheers for him. Go figure! Love the blog!


  2. Yes, I am so happy Micheal C Hall made a full recovery from having cancer so far. He is extremely talented and I am so excited to start watching the new season.


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