Zombie Week- Eat, Drink and be a Merry Zombie

So my friend @VaryusWaise (Yes I’m aware this isn’t Twitter) told me he saw this amazing Zombie Blood Energy Potion for sale at Jim Hanley’s Universe.  I’ll probably buy it when I go there Sunday to get Scott Pilgrim.  This lime flavored energy drink has about the same amount of caffeine in a Red Bull it’s just more awesome.

The company who makes these products is Harcos Laboratories and they won a bunch of awards because of their creatively geeky packaging.

The company also makes Zombie Jerky and it comes in Teriyucky flavor!

They also make other cool energy drinks and snacks like Blood Energy Potion for people suffering with Bloodlust.

And also Mana Energy Potion which gamers should enjoy.  These only cost 20 rupees oops I mean $20 for a pack of 6.  You can find out where to buy and order your Harcos Lab products here.


Zombie Protection Agency

Harcos Labs Blog

Zombies Are Delicious Facebook Page

Mana Energy Potions Facebook Page

Twitter @zombiebloodnrg

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