Zombie Week- Resident Evil: Afterlife Comic-Con 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife hits theaters this fall.  They say they are using the same revolutionary 3D cameras as James Cameron used for Avatar, however, Screen Rant wasn’t very impressed by their slow motion action scenes they showed at Comic-Con.  I love the games, because I love killing zombies, I mean who doesn’t?  Me and my brother would wait until our parents were asleep, turn off all the lights and with our trusty weapon arsenal (aka wiimotes) and we immersed ourselves in the Resident Evil world, which in turn provoked a whole lot of cursing and laughing on our parts.  Pardon that tangent back to the movie.  Feel free to read the LA Times article if your interested in RE‘s 3Dness.  I think they are hoping people will see it in theaters (which gets them more money) because of their supposed Avatar-like 3D effects.  Do you plan on seeing it?

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Also I did a post on gamer jewelry a while back and there’s some Umbrella Corp jewelry on it.

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