Zombie Week- Disney Undead

You ever wonder what your favorite Disney Princess would look like if she were a zombie?… No?  Well either way check out these very awesome Disney Zombies made by Jeffrey Thomas on Deviant Art in his Twisted Princess Series… They all don’t look exactly like zombies but something in their eyes tell me they still wouldn’t mind eating my brain.

Who is your favorite zombiefied Disney character?

Alice- Alice in Wonderland

Ariel- The Little Mermaid

Aurora- Sleeping Beauty

Belle- Beauty and the Beast


Jane- Tarzan

Jasmine- Aladdin

Kida- Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Megara- Hercules


Nala- The Lion King


Snow White

Tiana- The Princess and the Frog

Also enjoy these Zombiefied Disney characters [via Shoot for the Head]


  1. Alice.. oh definitely Alice! Cheshire Cat’s ghostly trail really adds a darker, awesome feel to the picture.
    Oh, and also because it further cements my notion of her looking better as demented and evil(take American Mcgee’s Alice for instance)


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