Crayon Art

Christian Faur creates masterpieces with crayons, and not the way you may think.  Instead of using crayons as they were made to be used (you know, by coloring) he uses crayon tips to act as an individual pixel for his artwork.

By using a digital mapping technique he is able to deconstruct the imagery down to pixels.  From there he hand-casts crayons to the exact tones and colors needed for that piece.  Thousands of crayons later you get a unique mixture of both sculpture and photography.  From a distance the pieces appear to be pixellated images.  Up close the image disappears and all you see are rows upon rows of crayons.

Faur has his first solo exhibit in NYC at the Kim Foster Gallery which ends on Sunday, July 17th.  Check out his website for more images of his artwork (crayon and non-crayon) and where you can see him in a city near you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He’s also made some pretty cool art using shreds of paper:

close up


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