Raise your hand if you’ve read Ulysses… Okay now raise your hand if you understood it… I thought so. But don’t be ashamed readers because even I, an avid literature lover, failed miserably at attempting to navigate through the dense and unfriendly jungle of Ulysses.

The novel Ulysses, written by Irish author James Joyce, has been called, “A demonstration and summation of the entire movement [of Modernist literature].” The novel takes place in Dublin on Thursday June, 16th 1904 revolving around the main character Leopold Blooms.

Best selling author and BBC broadcaster Frank Delaney said, Ulysses is often called the worlds most famous and most irritating novel- irritating because it’s deemed so obscure and inaccessible.” Irritating and yet still brilliant, this novel is almost always ranked in the 100 best English-language books of all time.

Do not become plagued by the irritation and obscurity of Ulysses anymore! In honor of Bloomsday Delaney is launching “Re:Joyce”, a weekly 3-5 minute podcast aimed at making Ulysses accessible to us common folk.

In each podcast Delaney will take a small passage from Ulysses and explore its myriad of references. Basically doing all the hard work for us, all we have to do is listen. Delaney makes one of the best, but also one of the most intricate novels, understandable and does so in a way that isn’t the least bit dumbed-down. He does this in a way that is entertaining, insightful and even humorous.

Even if you aren’t interested in the literary canon as much as I am, you will undoubtedly impress anyone at the next dinner party (or any other event that small talk is required) with your thorough understanding of Ulysses thanks to this podcast.

Listen to the 5 minute weekly Ulysses podcasts and feel free to follow him on twitter @FDbytheword

Marilyn Monroe “reading” James Joyce Ulysses


  1. hi. wow, great post. i am a james joyce fan. i read ulysses awhile back (does not mean i understood everything) and had to get a companion book called ReJoyce written by anthony burgess (author of clockwork orange) which was helpful… hopefully these weekly podcasts will also shed some light. finnegans wake, joyce’s last project, now thats a herculean task.

    great site by the way, cyberpunk anime is awesome. – paul


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