Gamer Jewelry- Nintendo, 8-bit and Old School (Part 2)

Here goes part deux of the Gamer Jewelry series. This is one of the many parts of a long series of Nerdy Jewelry I will be doing because I am a girl and I like jewelry and also happen to like nerdy things as well. So this is a way to combine the two… kind of like a blog version of an attack combo WATA!


You’ll see a lot of 8-bit jewelry… this is not only because I think it’s cool but also because of the overwhelming nostalgia I get from anything and everything 8-bit.  You’ll also see a lot of Nintendo stuff, this is simply because I really like Nintendo. Lastly, please forgive me in advance for the cheesy lines you are about to read, I couldn’t help myself.

*Click on the image for the link*

I could write some super corny line that replaces one of the words in some famous Star Wars quote with “triforce” but I won’t…

No pot breaking and bush cutting necessary to get these rupees!

“Fire Power!”

“It’s-a me Mario!”

“Sorry, Mario, but your princess is in another castle!”

Didn’t you just love the underwater music for Mario?!… la la la la… eek a Blooper!


I now pronounce you Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man

Wakka Wakka Wakk

Ms. Pac-Man & Ghost

Space Invaders


  1. hey there! I’m pretty new to wordpress, so I’m just browsing through random video game blogs. I absolutely love gamer jewelry! particularly ones that are home made :) Etsy is a great place to purchase some, while Craftster is a good place to get inspired to make your own! I plan on having a video game themed dorm room next year, but it depends if I ever get around to making decorations. Awesome blog, take care!


  2. Aww great thanks so much!!! I love your site too! I just started wordpress a few weeks ago too and it’s already getting addicting. I have a laundry list of posts I want to do I just need to find the time to do them! lol I love etsy but been n crafster much but i will check it out! and you hope u post pics of your video game theme dorm room next year it will be amazing im sure!


  3. OMG I want the triforce earings!!! Are they still available? if yews please let me know! I LOVE THEM!!!!


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