Music to Soothe the Savage Geek

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about your favorite band/artist singing about the things you really like such as like sci-fi, literature, comics, etc.?  Well dreams do come true!

I’ve been a fan of Chester French and Janelle Monae for a while.  When they combined their forces Wonder Twin style and made “Nerd Girl” I immediately declared it the theme song to my life.

And guess what?! It’s totally free the legal way!

Download Chester French’s mixtape “Nerd Girl” is on it. And buy their CD Love the Future. One half of CF is on twitter @DAchesterfrench and here is their facebook page.

I met them a few times and they are just as cool in real life as they appear to be in their songs (yes I just name dropped but I don’t have many names to drop so whenever the opportunity presents itself I take advantage and am not the least bit ashamed).

Support your fellow nerd and get Janelle Monae’s latest album ArchAndroid and her first CD Metropolis.  Check her out on twitter @janellemonae and her facebook page… btw she fancies herself an android.

“Nerd Girl”- Chester French feat. Janelle Monae

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