10 Reasons to Watch “True Blood”

I am a closet fantasy geek… okay okay well not-so-closeted fantasy geek.  Whether it’s the Harry Potter, LOTR or His Dark Materials I can’t get enough of the fantasy genre. I also grew up watching HBO (even though I was probably WAY to young to watch things like Oz and certain scenes in the Sopranos and whatnot). You can’t lie HBO dishes out some amazing shows, (Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc. ect.) so when I found out my favorite channel HBO was creating a new show where vampires come “out of the coffin”  and live openly with humans I could barely contain my excitement and True Blood did not disappoint!

My fellow Trubies (cult-like True Blood fans) should enjoy this and hopefully I can create some new Trubies!

10 reasons why you should become completely obsessed with all things True Blood:

1.  The Concept

True Blood (TB) takes the typical vampire story and adds some extra juice (or blood) to it. TB is set in a small town of Bon Temps (pronounced: Baw Taw) in Louisiana in the not-too-distant future. In the show vampires have “come out the coffin” and co-exist, as best as they can, with humans.  This is because of a revolutionary synthetic blood alternative called “TruBlood” created by the Japanese (of course the they invent everything!). Because of TruBlood, and other brands of synthetic blood, vamps do not need to feed on humans anymore, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to!

2. Socio-Political Allegories

Another reason why I (and you should) love True Blood so much is because it contains a much deeper message about civil rights.  The show echoes the racial segregation that has occurred in Americas past and the racism we still see today. We see this amplified in the show by television reports about the pro and anti-vampire debate. The Fellowship of the Sun is a forefront in the anti-vampire movement which the (often shirtless and/or pantsless) Jason Stackhouse gets sucked into in Season 2. These two groups argue whether or not vampires should have the same rights as the living. The overarching issues that vampires face in TB directly relate to the LGBT community or people of color.

3. True Blood Loves the Gays!

TB’s allegories aren’t just about racism but about gay rights as well.  There are many parallels on how vamps are treated in the TB world and how gays are treated in our society today, or at least in America. For example, Vermont becomes the first state to legalize human-vampire marriages, ring any bells?

TB also embraces gay characters such as the sassy Lafayette, Pam (yes Pam prefers women) and a host of other current and future vamps. In the books the show is based on many of the vampires are bisexual. Even Eric has dabbled in men a few hundred years back. Not to mention Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie, is bisexual in real life. (She also married Stephen Moyer who plays her vampire boyfriend Bill Compton (how cute is that?!)). True Blood was also nominated by GLADD Media Awards (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for best drama series.

4.  The Pedigree (cast and crew)

The director of TB, Alan Ball directed the award winning show Six Feet Under and won an Oscar for American Beauty.

Anna Paquin who plays our beloved Sookie, or as Bill likes to call her “Sookeh”, won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in the movie Piano and also played Rouge in the X-men series.

And last but not least the source of the material is best selling The Sookie Stackhouse series created by Charlaine Harris.

5. The Books

I have read all 9 of The Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris and I am obsessed about them just as much as I’m obsessed about the show. You can get the books, ebook, download or buy the audiobook , or find it free (illegally) online.

Although based on the books, Alan Ball switches the show up a bit with a few changes. For example in the books Tara is white, so is Lafayette who also dies, the Maryann plot wasn’t as significant in the books, Jason was never in The Fellowship of the Sun, Godric wasn’t Eric’s maker (the readers meet him in the most recent 9th book), and so on.

Another plus about reading the series is you are one step ahead of the other Trubies because you will (roughly) know what is going to happen in the next season(s).

Want to know what was that strange power Sookie to used against Maryann? Why the vamps just can’t get enough of Sookie?  Or what happens with the Sookie/Bill/Eric love triangle? Read the books and you’ll find out!

6.  The Supes! (short for supernatural)

True Blood is much more than a show (and book series) about vampires. At the end of the 1st season we find out that dog that kept randomly popping up was actually Sam who is a shapeshifter and the 2nd season even had us running to our computers to google what the hell a maenad was. If you read the books you know that the Sookie-verse is filled with the various supes like werewolves, were-panthers, were-tigers, fairies, witches, trolls and more!  One of the main characters even turns into a supe (not by choice) and others discover they have some supe blood in them. Don’t worry no spoiler alerts here!  If you want to know you can read the book, or just ask me. :)

7. Anything Goes!

Because TB airs on HBO pretty much anything goes.  That includes sex and violence and sometimes violent sex lol! According to Sookie (in the book) vamp sex is the best sex, and she has lots of it and who could blame her?!

True Blood Romantic Sex:

True Blood Dirty Sex:

True Blood Scary Sex:

8. The Men of True Blood

Ladies and Gents-Who-Prefer-Gents if you aren’t a Trubie now you will be after this. They really don’t need much introduction, their pictures do the talkin’. *fans self*

← New Season 3 character

9.  Marketing

True Blood has one of the best marketing campaigns for a TV show I have seen.  I could do an entire post on TBs marketing campaign alone. Their creative marketing campaign helped TB‘s Sunday night viewership grow 66% over the course of its first season — which is faster than what the The Sopranos did.

  • Clever posters:  Season 3 has some of my favorite posters some of which are seen below. Check out some of season 2 ads here and this cool poster in an elevator.

  • YouTube PSA’s

Get tested… for Hepatitis D

Just say no… to V

  • HBO created a blood orange flavored Tru:Blood beverage. You can order it here.

  • True Blood is on Twitter!

The official TB twitter is @TrueBloodHBO but leave it to die hard trubies to make twitter accounts for the characters.  The characters, as well as @TrueBloodHBO interact with fans which is always fun.  The characters tweet as if they are in the True Blood world. It’s like fan fiction for twitter. To get some TB on your twitter feed follow Sookie, Jason, Bill, Eric, Sam, Tara, Laffeyette, Pam, Jessica, Arlene and Hoyt.

  • Everyone has a facebook and so does True Blood check it out here.

10.  These Vamps don’t Sparkle in the Sun

This is probably the most important reason why you should watch TB.  Sorry Twihards, this is clearly a jab at Twilight. These vamps do exactly what they are supposed to do in the sun, die… again lol.  Even if you like Twilight, True Blood will still glamour you.

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If you didn’t know already True Blood is starting its 3rd season this Sunday June 13th!!!

Check out some minisodes here and the Ultimate Fan Experience Q&A here with a with the producer and cast.


  1. Hey you are really doing a great job with your web site!! I am soooo proud of you. Bet u are tired of hearing that huh??

    Keep on moving on up!!! Listen to Curtis Mayfield’s song move on up. He wrote and sang Superfly but his roots are in uplifting songs.
    Your name is not Missy Jay! It is Lady J! Billie Holiday was Lady Day, you are Lady J.


    1. Of course I’m not tired of hearing that! :-)

      And I used Missy Jay because mom calls me that and LadyJay was already taken on twitter, it was my first choice.

      Thank you for the the uplifting song suggestion lol

      You sound very fatherly in this comment but I guess what else are you supposed to sound like.


  2. If you just made a Smart Mouths reference on number 8 then I love you. If you didn’t I still love you cause of this post.


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