Gaga gone Geek?

Okay okay so I’m pretty sure Gaga isn’t a geek but someone in the Haus of Gaga definitely is!

I’ve been a fan of Gaga and all her extraness for some time now.  It was brought to my attention by my brother that in Gaga’s latest video “Telephone” feat. Beyonce that there are some very cool traces of geek lingo.  Of course my brother being who he is immediately noticed it and said, “Hey that’s from a video game! That’s awesome!”  Yes it is little bro… yes it is.

The geekery makes its nothing-short-of-amazing appearance when Gaga is in the kitchen mixin’ up a deadly “Cook ‘n’ Kill” concoction to murder everyone at the diner for whatever reason, but hey at least she wishes them good luck!

Pick your poison:

Rat Poison– just plain ol’ rat poison

Fex-M3 a nerve toxin from the Star Wars extended universe.

Meta-cyanide- made famous by David Lynch’s Sci-fi novel Dune

Tiberium from Command and Conquer RTS (real-time strategy) game series games is lethal to game characters, making it a good choice for poison.

Here’s a (totally unnecessary and gross) pic of a tiberium infected human.

Not done yet!

If that wasn’t enough whoever made the video threw in an anime reference which you wouldn’t have noticed unless you can read Japanese.  I can’t read Japanese but I do have google! 

In the scene where Tyrese “whyisheinthisvideo?” Gibson slaps the Asian woman’s ass she says “One Piece” (subtitled in Japanese) which is a popular Japanese anime.  Apparently calling someone an anime TV show is the equivalent of cursing them out.

← “One Piece”

Why did Lady Gaga’s team decide to do this?  Do we really know what the “Telephone” video is about (if it is about anything at all)?  Who the hell ever knows why Gaga does what she does, but I hope she continues these subtle geek shoutouts in the future!

Gaga Extras:

Get your fingers ready and dust off your bird nest because Gaga is on Rock Band!

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