Geek out your Computer!

While habitually wandering the “geekery” section on I found myself in a state of intoxication when I stumbled across a Zelda NES cartridge external hard drive.  Now I already had an pink external HD… but I simply couldn’t resist getting my hands on this amazing creation.

This is all thanks to 8bitmemory!  He makes old school vidya game lovers weep blue 8 bit tears of joy with his awesome video game cartridges hard drives.

He makes NES and Super NES hard drives, desk clocks, and USB thumb drives from Game Boy Advance games.  If you didn’t think that was cool enough he can make a custom hard drive from (nearly) any game you want!

Here’s my 8 bit wonder!

Just for kicks I got this Mario v. Donkey Kong thumb drive!

Visit his Etsy page and get to ordering!

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