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Sunday Funnies- Super Mario Bros. 2 From a Different Perspective

9 Oct

[Source: Dorkly]

Sunday Funnies- Off Guard (The Legend of Zelda- Spirit Tracks)

4 Sep

 I never finished Spirit Tracks. I blame it on the train. 

 [Source: Dorkly 1 and 2 made by Awkward Zombie 1 and 2]

Sunday Funnies- Pitwit (Portal 2 Spoilers)

14 Aug

[Source: Awkward Zombie]

Sunday Funnies- Link and his Notes

7 Aug

Sometimes I don’t even understand what I wrote on my map it’s so sloppy… Okay most of the time.

[Source: Awkward Zombie]

Sunday Funnies- Why Link Really Saves Zelda

10 Jul

I found this comic by  Zac Gorman and his artwork on one of my favorite sites Geek-Art. I included some more of his work below.


 More of Zac Gorman art: Continue reading

Sunday Funnies- Dah Na Na Nah!

5 Jun

 This is why Link takes so long to get ready…

[Source: Virtual Shackles]

Sunday Funnies- The Science of Pokeman

30 May

It all makes sense now…

[Source: Dorkly made by Cadwell Tanner]

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